Case 1

Parents forgo food in order to feed their children. Evolutionary Biologists may interpret this as a desire for Evolutionary Success: the desire to propagate their genes. But the simpler  explanation is love for their children. Remember the recipient of Paramvir Chakra Havildar Abdul Hamid? With one grenade in either hand and a third grenade between his teeth, he lobbed two into Pakistani Patton tanks and blew them up. When he advanced against the third talk, the grenade blew in his hands and he was torn to pieces. How do you explain this? Was it his sense of duty and patriotism or expectation of reward? He was a Muslim but basically an Indian. He was not influenced by Pakistani propaganda of hatred and Jehad. Like millions of other Muslims in India, he was religious but also intensely national in his outlook. Have you any other instance in mind of people being motivated by their high level of EQ as against cold IQ. Which do you think is more important before getting into the Service and after getting into it? Which gives more satisfaction of a life lived well or a service going strictly by rules and regulations and being on the safe side?

Case 2:

You are a Civil Servant. There is a beggar at your door. the face of the beggar is dignified; he appeals through his eyes. He is shabbily dressed. He talks to you in good English. You become curious and discover that he is past 80 years. His children have deserted him.You use your influence and get him Old Age Pension. He did not know that there was such a scheme. He has no shlter. You again use your influence and get him admitted to an Old Age Home. There is a risk that this Old Age Home might approach you for favours. In your confidential record you are mentioned as a peson with  average  ability. But you have shown a high EQ by your deeds. You are friendly with all your colleagues. Your bosses know about it. One from your cadre is due for promotion. How do you think that your bosses should decide and why?

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