Premier IAS coaching

The Institution was formally established in 1984 and has been functioning successfully since then. Hundreds have qualified for the civil services. Between 1965 and 1995 almost all the First Rank students of the KPSC were guided the Professor himself.
All his children have got into the Central and State Services as Class I Officers.

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8. Decline of Legislatures

This is a discussion on the Decline of Legislatures. Not only in India but practically everywhere the Executive and the Civil service have overtaken the Legislatures. Also the Judiciary seems to be breating down the necks of the Parliaments. Also the quality of members of Parliament has declined. Note: only a summary discussion takes place […]

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4. Corruption in India

India has unfortunately become notorious for corruption and scandals amounting to  lakhs of crores.  How far have the discretionary powers of Ministers and Senior Civil Servants  contributed to this? How far have Civil Society movements  awakened the people? Can you suggest some positive measures for eradicating corruption? High light the fact that while Ministers belonging to opposition ruled states, or non-Congress […]

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