This is a discussion on the Philosophy of the Indian Constitution. The Constitution of India was drafted by a galaxy of eminent people, the like of whom will not assemble again. They were not elected by the people directly but represented the will of the people better than any elected body could do. The Preamble they drafted was described Sir Ernst Barker as the most beautiful poem in the world. It enshrines what men everywhere have fought for but have rarely realized in full. It expressly declares the sovereignty of the PEOPLE OF INDIA when it ends with the ringing words: We the people of India hereby enact, adopt and give to ourselves this constitution. So note that Parliament is not sovereign nor is the Judiciary sovereign. The people are above all of them.

In the light of the above write a three hundred word note on this topic.

Note: Only a summary discussion takes place in this blog. Real discussion will be in the seminars in the classroom. The entire group should draft the answer and blog it to me. No individual member of the blog can do it separately. However all the members of the group need not agree. A consolidated report not exceeding ten lines must be posted in the blog. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 15 MINUTES TO ANSWER

NOTE: Only students of our institute can participate in the discussions. Outsiders are invited to enroll themselves and participate.

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