We have been studying: failure of Development Administration, failure to tackle issues relating to poverty and allied topics.

Students have made presentations on a variety of topics: Arjun Raghunandan on Poverty in India, Anil Kumar on State Market Debate and Gender Justice, Gaurav Gupta on Failure of Development Administration, Pratiksha on Gandhian Environmentalism etc.,

They took a test on the Strategic and economic issues involved in India Iran Relations, Development of the Theatre in Ancient India, Regulatory Bodies in India, and Citizens Charter. They will also be taking a test on this Sunday on Weberian Bureaucracy and show how bureaucracy is not the only form of managrement, Barnard-Simonian theory of Motivation, Changing theories of Administration etc.,

Next week we will be studying India and the developments in Syria and Turkey, Ancient Indian architecture, how NPA is high in words but low in action etc.,

We are also introducing Agriculture as an Optional for the IAS and Agriculture and Rural Development for the KPSC.

Colin Todhunter a perceptive writer speaks of the attempts of the US and EU to recolonize our economy with the Government in India failing to realize the dangers. I want you to read the article carefully and express your views on this.

Click on this site for the article




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