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The Institution was formally established in 1984 and has been functioning successfully since then. Hundreds have qualified for the civil services. Between 1965 and 1995 almost all the First Rank students of the KPSC were guided the Professor himself.
All his children have got into the Central and State Services as Class I Officers.

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The post colonial world experienced bureaucracy ( Government Servants) led development. What does this sentence mean? Why was it so? What did it require? What were the misgivings of this bureaucracy led Development? Why were there such misgivings? By the way how does the common man perceive bureaucracy ? What are the accustomed tasks of […]

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‘Ethics’ it is a Greek word, wherein ‘ethos’ means character, habits custom and ways of behavior. Or it is simply the moral philosophy. Applied ethics is one of the approaches to ethics. Which means applying moral philosophy into various fields. Among them medical ethics is an important issue to deal with.   Brief history of […]

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