66. Current Affairs 2012 January First week Unit 4

In this issue we shall study the following
1. Budh Racing circuit
2. India wins world cup
3. GDP growth rate falls
4. Neuro Economics
5. Eviplera drug
6. New Vaccine for Malaria
7. CERN discovers particles that travel faster than light
8. God Particle
0. Neanderthal genes in us
10. Senescent cells

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  1. 2.28years after Kapil Dev raced across the Lords Turf to take an improbable Viv Richard’s catch, M.S.Dhoni won the World Cup again at the Wankhade stadium through a towering Six down.

  2. 3.Growth in India has fallen from 9% to 7.5% .Reasons: (a) Stubborn inflation
    (b)Faltering global economy
    ©High Interest rate
    (d)Lack of Big bang economic reforms

    As a result the third largest economy in the world India has begun to falter. Government of India, in order to boost the economy has allowed foreign investors to invest in the Stock market

  3. 4.Neuro Economics is an emerging science forcing us to revise all our traditional economic theories. It has flung from revolutionary advances in the study of the human brain structure. Neuro Science studies how the physical organ in one’s head, the brain, really works. Does it work as rationally as we imagine? Understanding the way the brain works will make us understand how people make decisions.

    Economists have always thought that human beings act rationally in order to maximize utility while taking economic decisions. This trend of thinking became prominent after Paul Samuelson published his classic work in 1947: Foundations of Economic Analysis. He viewed human beings as pursuers of utility. People tend to maximize utility. It assumes that men are rational and make a rational choice. Influenced by Samuelson, generations of economists have developed models on the basis of assumed rationality in human beings.

    Neuro science however tells that the human brain functions under the influence of various factors. Influenced by this, a new subject called Neuro Economics has emerged. Neuro economic analysis focuses on the physical structure on the brain. It tries to understand how human beings decide in challenging and ambiguous situations. In short, economic analysis is not always rational. Neuro economic analysis will have several spin off effects on economics and in other fields of decision making.

  4. 5.EVIPLERA is a new breakthrough in fighting HIV Virus. It has been proved a great success and has reduced transmission risks of AIDS by 96%. 46% of the patients suffering from AIDS have benefited. Indeed instead of gulping 20 pills a day they now take only one pill a day.

  5. 6.Great advances have been made in the development of vaccine for Malaria. Malaria caused by the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito and is responsible for 2.3% of deaths world wide. Malaria affects particularly the poor who live in unsanitary conditions and swampy areas harbouring mosquitoes.

  6. 7.Scientists discovered at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, sub atomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light. This discovery shocked the scientific community as it meant questioning Einstein’s theory of relativity which transformed modern physics in the last century. If this discovery is correct there is the possibility of human beings traveling or going back in time.

  7. 8.Scientists discovered at the Large Hadron Collider in Europe, a new particle or a Boson. The large Hadron Collider is a 27 km long tunnel on the border of France and Switzerland. This discovery holds hope for finding “the God particle” known also as the Hicks Boson. If the guard particle is found it will hold the key the mystery how most matter and the universe is held together.

  8. 9.The Neanderthals belonging to the Homo genus disappeared around 40,000 years ago. But according to findings published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Science’ Scientists discovered that our species share genes with the Neanderthals.

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