15. Anna and his team’s ulterior motives

Congress leader Digvijay Singh Sunday said activist Anna Hazare was being used by his team members to fulfill their political agenda.

These people (Team Anna members) around him have their own political agenda…Anna is being made a scapegoat or a mask to fulfill their political agenda.

Anna has greater credibility compared to his team members Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan.

1. What was the cause for the Lokpal Committee being made into a constitutional body?

2. Are these individuals ( Team Anna ) utilising Anna’s simplicity to forge their own political careers?

3 thoughts on “15. Anna and his team’s ulterior motives

  1. Recent events concerning Kiran Bedi’s financial irregularities and more damningly her stubborn refusal to accept her fault (she says she used the extra money for her NGO, which is no excuse of course) have thrown up several troubling questions concerning the legitimacy of Team Anna.
    Prashant Bhushan’s needless foray into the Kashmir issue have also elicited strong reactions, something Mr.Bhushan is unlikely to forget for a long time. And Kejriwal’s tussle with the IT department is not helping the team’s cause.
    While i would not go so far as to question the integrity of Mr. Hazare himself, he must understand that he is in the public eye and perception matters. We live in a democracy, where the state has lost its traditional form of control over the masses–namely violence. But, it must be remembered that an even more potent weapon has been developed by the state–PROPOGANDA. Mr.Hazare would do well to display more political acumen before embarking on his next grand venture.

  2. Reasons to make Lokpal Committee into a constitutional body could be,
    1> Lokpal Committee would be ACCOUNTABLE to Parliament like the Election Commission of India.
    2> Congress using this method to build up Rahul Gandhi.
    3> To Showcase congress party is against corruption with plan to win the next general election.
    4> To give Lokpal Bill more muscle.

    Anna team members so far have not shown any possibility of misusing their publicity to jump to politics.

    As per the Lokpal bill “Members will be appointed by judges, Indian Administrative Service officers with a clean record, private citizens and constitutional authorities through a transparent and participator process,”, so members can’t escape in any way.

    Thank you.

  3. In a country that has seen a fair stabilization in terms of the political scenario as having two coalitions such as the UPA and the NDA.The coming in of an old Gandhian has complicated the already complex equation. Anna’s movement was not a political enterprise but rather an effort at reforming of India’s political governance.It came at the backdrop of big scams that rocked UPA 2. However, off late, the situation seems to have revealed that the bandwagon that apparently came to become team Anna, have their own agendas at the end of the day. Khejriwal, Bhushan and Bedi have skeletons in the closet that are set to tumble. This infact has led to Anna being discredited and the movement against corruption as a whole gets a beating thanks to these camera hungry wolves.
    It is the initial surge in the people’s movement for the cause that forced UPA to make it a constitutional body. A knee-jerk reaction with political shortsightedness to save the PM from embarrassment and to show the nation that serious negotiations are on. The Congress expected the body to meet twice on yearly basis( just a ploy to bury the issue over the years to come) but Anna saw through the scheme and protested. making it into a constitutional body the UPA was forced to deal with the situation at hand. It is during this time that several prominent members of the team started to voice their opinions independently. This proved that the team was not united and there were agendas at work. With Kejriwal leading a campaign to defeat the congress candidate in UP, The suspicion came true that the anti corruption crusaders had their own political ambitions to fulfill. Thus now you have a third front for the upcoming elections that will fight on the platform of corruption and a pm candidate called kejriwal will be its leader with Anna’s blessings

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