157. Blog for Second Stream Students only

Since admissions to regular class if over ( we take only forty students and there is only one batch in the year, this blog has been opened to provide a platform for the Second Stream students. All your doubts could be posted here and will be answered.

The Institute thanks you for reposing confidence in  us and assures you that it  will serve you to the best of its capacity. You may seek any help through this blog. If you have any suggestions do please let us know.  Thus you may like a particular topic in current affairs to be taught. We will teach it in the class and send a copy of the material to you.

You will appreciate that we send you materials every week  and a consolidated list at the end of the month. In case you have missed something , do please let us know.

Thus Mr. Uttam Menon from Manipal reported that his system had crashed and certain files  were lost. Promptly we sent him whatever he had lost.

There was a mail from Mr. Arun which I reproduce here and I have answered the same. Do make use of this blog and be free to ask for any assistance.

From Arun

•To be honest, i am bit lost in the materials, as in i am not sure how to begin and where to begin as there is lots of data which is been provided in the form of hard copy / materials and also the soft copy. I do understand that in CSAT, the questions might originate from a vast syllabus. But i wanted to understand from you what is the plan / approach that is taken to cover these syllabus.

•Please correct me if my understanding is wrong, CSAT comprises of 2 papers, my question ” is there are prescribed syllabus that is mentioned by UPSC, if not, can you please help me in letting know the distribution of marks for the exam ?

◦General Awareness.

◦Logical Reasoning Skills.

•Is there a recorded sessions of the classes which are been thought & if yes, can you please provide me an access to those portals.

Awaiting your reply.



4 thoughts on “157. Blog for Second Stream Students only

  1. Dear Arun

    There are two papers for the Prelims: General Studies and CSAT. We are now covering in the class General Studies. Previous years papers are taken up. Each question is posted on the Board through the projector and a clue is given. We prompt the student to think.. Any one can come up and give the answer and others may not agree, This goes on till the correct answer is posted. You get the question as posted and the clue. You could also think making use of the clue and then check the answer. The entire proceedings will be sent to you at the end of the class. More from me , as you get back point by point. There is no limit to the number of questions you wish to ask. But confine each response to one point. Be clear on what you want. all the best


  2. Arun: Is there a prescribed syllabus for the CSAT?

    Reply: Questions will be set on Comprehension (language skillls), communication skills, Decision making skills, Values, Reasoning skills including quantitative aptitude. We would be covering all these.


  3. What Idolatry exactly means? Did Harappan civilization practised Idolatry ? And if not than when this practise originated with respect to History of Indian ?

    –Thanks in advance.

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