8 thoughts on “75. Communication Skills Test 23

  1. 1.To be effective communication should be
    A.Direct and short B. in Active Voice
    C. Precise and to the point D. All the above

    2.Communication to be effective should
    A.deal with one subject B. be brief
    C.directed to some action D. All the above

  2. Answer the following questions according to the code given below:
    A. Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation for A
    B. Both A and R are correct and R is not the correct explanation for A
    C. A is true, R is false
    D. A is false, R is true,

    3.A. Communication bounces back to the sender if it is vague or incomplete.
    R. Subordinates must carry out orders

  3. 4.A.Communication should be capable of execution
    R.Communication should have a feed back loop

    5.A.Communication should be in simple language
    R..Communication should not be subject to Semantic confusion

    6. A.Communication should proceed from some one in authority
    R. Communication upload can only be for feed back or clarification

  4. 7. A. When a communication bounces back it is defective
    R. A Communication that bounces back could be either vague or incapable of execution or violate established procedure

    8.A. Communication must have a feed back loop.
    R. When there is no feed back loop communication may fail to achieve its purpose

  5. 9. A. Communication must be free from noise and distortion.
    R. When there is noise or distortion feed back will be negative.

    10. A. Communication must be free from gossip.
    R. All gossip is not necessarily bad; it may be whistle blowing.

    11.A. Channels of communication must always be open.
    R. There must be always be room for feed back

  6. 12. A. Every means of communication must be exploited.
    R. New modes of communication have emerged.

    13. A. Today communication is affected by information overload.
    R. Today communication is affected by feed back over load.

    14. A. In this age of feedback overload officials are harassed.
    R. Democracy is open government and feed back is a natural outcome of open government.

  7. 15.A.Democracy requires open government.
    R. The Press is a great feed back mechanism.

    16. A. The TV is a great tool of feed back
    R. Officials cannot wholly rely on TV for there is also paid news

    17. A. Election forecasts should be allowed.
    R. Election forecasts may contain reliable trends or might be misleading.

  8. 18. A. Advertisements are effective means of communication
    R. Advertisements produce a consumerist society.

    19. A. Authority must always be on the look out for signals.
    R.A stitch in time saves nine

    20.A.Silence can be a mode of communication
    R. No decision may be a kind of decision

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