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  1. Haemophilia B is a genetic disorder of the blood. In this disorder the individual has no capacity for blood clotting, That is to say, his blood clotting gene is affected. Even the smallest cut makes him bleed continuously. The blood does not clot, which it does naturally in most of us. Since there is a heavy loss of blood, the patient needs continuous blood transfusion. It may be difficult t get matching blood or in dangerous cases the patient may be given infected blood. Thus he may be given the blood of an AIDS person.

  2. In such cases, Gdene Therapy is resorted. A good copy of the blood clotting gene is placed in a virus, cleansed of all its conent, and is given to the patient. It is the nature of a virus to rapidly multiply itself rapidly. And it is the nature of the gene to go to its exact loci on the Chromosome. And as the injected virus multiplies, the good copy of the blood clotting gene also multiplies till the whole bod is cleared of the recessive or defective gene. But Geneticists were faced with a problem. The virus multiplied faster than the capacity of the gene to reach its exact loci. The rapidly multiplying virus might multiply some other mutant gene in the patient and this mutant might multiply rapidly leading to cancer. Cancer occurs when a mutant gene multiplies in an uncontrolled manner. Scientists seem to have solved the problem.

  3. You have been given a Power Point Presentation of all important Genetic disorders. Always expect a question on some genetic disorder or the other. Along with this topic study allied topics: genetic engineering; Genetic screening; Genetic Counselling; Gene Pool; Gene Flow etc., These topics are important in General studies as well as in Anthropology.

    Hemophilia B is also called the Victorian disease since it appeared first in the descendants of Queen Victoria of England.

  4. Synthetic Biology emerged after the Human Genome (Genetic Map of a human being) was Completely decoded by Crick and Watson. Craig Ventor an American Geneticist was actually in the race for decoding it but before him it was done by Crick and Watson.

    Craig Ventor shot into the news after he announced that he would create life in the Laboratory. He was denounced by the Medical Council as violating Bio Ethics ( the code of conduct which prohibits certain kinds of research). He is actually believed to have created some form of life.

  5. Following him, the concept of Synthetic Biology has emerged. More and more Scientists have been working on the Genetic code, trying to create new Genes through new combinations. Every Gene is the code for a protein and their aim is to create new proteins which might be used to cure diseases. Actually the Gene is a remarkable Computer and the DNA is a remarkable programming language. Just as mischievous people or Cyber warriors try to create viruses that infect computers and incapacitate them, some have been using the science of Synthetic Biology to create programmes that can be transmitted through vaccines or pills to individuals and thereby control he victim’s mind. This s an emerging form of bio Terrorism.

  6. Revolt against Putin in Russia: Putin has been in power for over twelve years now and has been reelected again. There have been wide spread protests against him for having rigged the elections. Even Gorbachev , living in retirement has called for reelections. (remember Gorbachev’s Glasnost {Openness in Government} and Perestroika { Re-structuring government) . Putin has rejected the demand and there have been wide spread anger. Putin has charged the USA with having engineered the revolts.

  7. Amazingly he year 2011 has witnessed revolutions all over the world. It started in Tunisia and what followed in politically sleepy Arabia as the Arab spring.. It spread from the Tehrir Square in Egypt to Yemen, Libya and is now rocking Syria. Even in the holy citadel of capitalism, the USA, people are asking why 99% of the people should slave to keep just 1% rich. What is called the Occupy Wall Street movement has begun. Parallel movements have begin the many parts of Europe, currently facing the Euro zone Crisis. In India Anna Hazare has been shaking the government y its roots. And all those in power and are unwilling to yield have refused to read the writing on wall have been blaming the media particularly Social Media and Sibal threatens to censor the Social Media like face Book.

  8. Aadhar is a programme adopted by the Unique Identity Project (UID) to provide every resident in India with a Unique identification card called Aadhar. Already a crore of cards have been issued. the object of Aadhar (based on unique identification marks like the thumb impression and bio-metrics) to eanble the Government to deliver public services like subsidies to farmers, fration cards to BPL families etc., Thus payments can be made directly to the bank accounts of the workers working under the MNREGP.. But now the programme has run into trouble.

  9. The BJP says that Bangladeshis can acquire illegal citizenship through Aadhar cards. This is incorrect. Aadhar is proof only residency and not citizenship, Through vote bank politics many Bangladeshis have been getting citizenship through ration cards, entry into the vioting register etc., A good programme should ot be scuttled this way..

  10. The BJP further alleges that it duplicates the work of the National Population Register and so is a waste. This again is sarong since the UID aims to get a snap shot view of various details which can give a tremendous boost to trade and eCommerce. Entrepreneurs can find out the preferences of people and produce those products. Municipal corporations and local bodies can get an exact knowledge of their taxiing potential and this will enable them to expand their services . Read the separate essay on the UID.

  11. The Home Ministry wants Mr.Nanadan Nilekani ( a soft are entrepreneur and head of the UID who as been given the status of a Minister with Cabinet frank) to keep of the Home Ministry. Mr. chidambaram is backed by certain MPs who fear that there will be a loss of secrecy. The mood of the day is transparency in Government and it s too late in the day to object to openness. The UID must stay.

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