32. Current Affairs November Third Week Unit 5

In Unit 4 of November Third week I took up the issue of good governance. I shall now refer to a remarkable Conference held by Economic times under the name Agenda for Renewal. It has rightly been compared to the Bombay Plan drawn up during the Freedom Struggle by prominent Industraialists. Nehru was  associated with it and incorporated many of its ideas in the First Five Year Plan. The points here are taken from the Esteemed Newspaper, You are invited to study these points carefully and make your own observations.

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  1. EVERY ONE IN INDIA NEEDS TO MOVE AND DISPEL THE GLOOM AND DOOM . SURROUNDING US. The people of this country should urge opposition parties not to add fuel to the negativism that is prevalent and more importantly support the government in some of the important bills that are pending. The opposition needs to have a more mature outlook of the future of the industry.

    1. It is really painstriking that even in case of grave situation like terrorist attacks, the political parties blames each other rather raise a common voice against it. Public welfare should always come before party politics. In case of high inflation and corruption issues opposition is using this to its own electrol advantage rather than assuming the roles and responsibility of framing a common platform to work on methodology to remove these evils in our Governance.

      1. I Agree with you. I would like to add some more points. When Baba Ramdev fought for Black money BJP could’ve supported fully, instead BJP tried to ignite fire(Advani’s recent Janachetna yatra) after fire doused off.

        It is a sorry state that, common people of this country fought for freedom from British and even after 64 years Independence, still common people again have to fight against fellow Indian Politicians. For all the mistakes by politicians/Govt. like price rise of food, petrol, FDI(50%) why people have to fight leaving their job(1/2 day leave), wasting time, .. etc. Even after mass protest against Govt. all over country as part of Anna Hazare’s Lokpal bill support, still govt. doing mistakes like FDI. So How long common people have to keep protesting? I’ve no clue. If our politicians keep on making mistakes then it is clear that they are not fit to rule. Strong Electoral reforms quickly needed.

        In democratic secular country like India, politicians will be busy in appeasing different class of people for election vote and trying to keep poor as poor till next election. According to me, we Indian people can’t expect mature outlook from any political party.

  2. TAKE FAST DECISIONS TO RESTORE INVSTOR CONFIDENCE.Companies without money or technology are using political contacts to get mining licenses, but global firms with both are not here. At the same time, there is controversy about national resources — e-auctions for all government resources are the way forward.

    1. In Karnataka and Andra Pradesh Public has seen mining menace. As Prof. said beautiful way of making money without technology and skilled people. Mining Barons have gone to jail. But unfortunately in India the decision to restore investor confidence in mining won’t happen because those supported influential politicians(Union/State Govt.) also have to go behind bars.

      According to me concept of “e-auctions” for Govt. resources is just an eye wash or our politicians are not yet educated enough to rule Indians.

      Thank you

  3. WOO FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND INVESTORS WITH BIG AND SMALL MEASURES. While big moves like opening up FDI in more sectors will create an environment that is conducive to foreign investment, India also needs several smaller improvements like easier visa and immigration rules, faster permission for chartered flights and business jets of global executives to land.

    1. The recent declaration of Union Commerce Ministry to allow 51% stake in multi brand retail and 100% stake in single brand retail will have a mixed blessing. It is surely going to hit our domestic and local retailers hard who will not be able to compete with the likes of Wal-Mart. As per Mr. Anand Sharma, investments should be in back-end supply chain would benefit the value chain, farmers, storage and processing facilities, and in turn create millions of jobs. Only time will tell whether his perception would turn into sweet reality.

    2. According to me opening up of FDI in many sectors is good for people in terms of employment, foreign business exposure and new technologies exposure as part of FDI policy. We people must learn to compete and adapt to new environment and INVADE other countries in terms of business with gained knowledge.

      I strongly accept that technology has transformed Indian life a lot in terms of our communication(mobile), cooking(Cooking gas) and transportation(aviation) compared to 10 year ago. So we want FDI in research(science, marine, food preservation,..), transportation and energy sectors.(Through FDI we get Technology also)

      Thank you.

      1. Dear Murthy..
        From your point of view its very true that it create jobs. But this issue is quite complicated and hence the view should be multidimentional, yes it creats jobs at what cost,
        1. Will the govt., decide on the prices to buy the crops from farmers.
        If the Answer is no..then These big Corporates like Walmart, TESCO etc…wont pay much to farmers.
        2. Will these Retailers Open only Easy day Shops..
        If the Answers is no.. then our Kirana Stores (Pop and Mom Stores) wont have anybusiness and they come to streets…
        3. Will retailers sell at a standard price..
        If the Ans is no….Then they fight for price and Customer will end up in paying high…this is because all these guys mark up their prices and then offers dicounts..
        4. Will these Retailers but form SME…..who manufacturers..Candles, Clothes, Handicrafts,
        if the Answer is no.. Then all our HosueSold Manufactures, Small Scale Manufacturese may have to shut their business as they cant withstand the competetion from the Big B’s (ie…Big Brands) in price, supply and Packaging and Communictaion…
        5. Will these retailers Pay high to their employees…
        If the Answer is no..then the Once upon a time Enterpreuners may have to work for Penny’s under some one…..
        If the Answer for all the Above are yes and the Clauses like these are inserted in the Business Agreement then its a BOON else its really a BANE…….

  4. REVIVE ENERGY AND POWER SECTORS TO ENSURE ECONOMIC GROWTH.. Some states have not increased power tariffs for a decade and are now unwilling or unable to buy power from private generators; there is under-recovery and theft; part of the system is completely market oriented and part of it is completely distorted by policy initiatives, like subsidies. Subsidies are required, but they should be directed well.

    1. Energy sector is the key to drive Development. India has huge land with different natural resource from wind to Thorium. I know that India has brilliant researchers in power sector, but underutilized. According to me till today majority of people in India has been kept in poverty by politicians, so it is our duty to provide electricity in subsidized form, we can’t escape from this in the name of development. If we can make proper use of knowledge and resource in the country we can achieve development along with free basic power supply to farmers and poor people, but need Strong Political WILL.

      1. With 2nd fastest growing economy , our demand for energy and power has increased and is increasing by leaps and bounds. Already due to coal shortage, less power production from thermal plants ( which caters to around 75% electricity needs of the country) is giving power and environmental ministries sleepless nights. Manmohan Singh is entangled between cruel negotiations from NSG groups on one hand and on local people revolt on other hand. So, possiblity of power from nuclear energy is seem obstructed. The best way to deal with energy and power crisis is to harness and use Renewable sources of energy (thernal, wind,biofuel) by forming local SHG ( Self Help Groups) who can manage the resources in their areas with financial assistance from Govt. India is a land of vast resources , so lets not wait for govt to spoonfeed us, rather seek the solution of crisis through mother nature and mutual cooperation.

  5. IT IS TIME TO ROLL OUT BIG REFORMS IN AGRICULTURE.There have been hardly any reforms in agriculture. Marketing laws are out dated, distribution and logistics from the farm gate to the food plate are filled with inefficiencies and corruption

    1. Yes agricultural reforms needed urgently, otherwise farmer can’t compete with global players(through FDI) and may surrender to death in large.

      I’ve been observing that every few months petrol and diesel price is rising from so many years. This price rise has made other commodities costlier. But poor farmer selling same food item at same place with almost same price from so many years. Where is the justice? So, Agricultural reforms is MUST and immediate to help farmers(the national back bone).

      Everybody would’ve experienced huge change in price of a vegetable/fruit in wholesale market and in super markets. How cheaper would the poor farmer had sold his vegetables? The new Agricultural reforms must through away middlemen and super markets selling vegetables.

  6. BUILD NEW CITIES AND MAKE EXISTING ONES SMARTER AND BETTER, (In the earler issue we discussed the concept of smart cities} Mumbai is referred to as the Shanghai of India, but infrastructure is poor and there is hardly any urban reform. To renew cities, we need more public-private partnerships because all capabilities do not lie only in the state or only in the private sector.

    1. The cities like Chennai(Madras), Chandigarh are the planned cities by British.

      Approved Lavasa planned city near pune is a good move from Government and Private Initiative.

      In Bangalore(not a planned city), almost every few months one or the other major road will be dug for some purpose causing lot of trouble to common man especially during rainy season. Bangalore is just an example. We can’t break living/existing civilization(House, play park, School buildings, ..) at all points to make city a planned one. Only option is to plan in the areas where city is about to develop. Encouraging new planned cities and upgrading existing unplanned cities to possible extent is the key for better life. Just roads and building in the city is not enough, we need playground and park also.

  7. DEVISE A LAND ACQUISITION POLICY THAT IS FAIR AND RESOLVES CONFLICTS. Delays and controversies pertaining to acquisition of land have time and again delayed projects in power, mining, auto and other sectors. Often, there has been intense conflict between business, the state, and farmers or locals. A clear, equitable and transparent policy can help avoid such conflicts.

    1. Yes we need to devise land acquisition policy. But the problem I’ve seen is, initially land owner accept to sell at some price with proper understanding from both parties. Before final transaction land owner demand for more, where both parties can’t come to an understanding. Even I have come across with middleman buying land at cheaper price and selling to govt. at much higher price. This indirect cheating to initial land owners must not happen, policy must take care. One best example is, the recent case of farmers in Nagpur High court(Maharastra).

  8. ENSURE BETTER INTER-MINISTERIAL COORDINATION TO FOR FASTER ECONOMIC GROWTH. India’s economic growth could be higher by at least two percent if the various ministries in the central government co-ordinated better with each other, according a one CEO who helped draft the Agenda for Renewal. Ministries sometimes take a rigid stance on issues, but better communication can soften such stances.

    1. Who has stopped these ministries in COORDINATING ? do they don’t have free phone, free car with driver, personal assistant and a bunch of clerks in office? Plus, they will have discretionary powers. In spite of these what made them to not coordinate? I’ve no clue.

      Some times rigid stance are required for people and countries interest.

      I’ve got another view of this private sector CEO, he might be trying to explain that if politicians from different department can take bribe at a time then the work will go smooth in one stretch for private companies.

  9. ALLOW EDUCATION TO FUNCTION AS A FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS.Schools generate $20 billion every year, and the figure is growing at 14% a year, according to Kaizen private equity’s education report. But education in India is not allowed to function as a for-profit business.

    1. I don’t agree with allowing education to function as a profit making business.

      Westerner taste differ from Indian. For Westerner even marriage, time, friendship , … is business.

      At the end of the day what a profit minded institution can imprint in to a student? A,B,C,D,,….. 1,2,3, Einstein Laws, only.

      This profit minded education surely throw away poor to the corner and create discrimination in the society and among teaching faculty as they can buy all expert faculties at great price.

    1. A good lion catch from National Commission. But no use. National commission suggests that political party and donor of the fund should take leading initiative to make the funding transaction transparent. It’s like asking Osama Bill laden(if alive) to go to USA and surrender in front of Obama. It will never ever happen according to me. (Any law has to be approved by Legislatures(party men) )

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