8. Decline of Legislatures

This is a discussion on the Decline of Legislatures. Not only in India but practically everywhere the Executive and the Civil service have overtaken the Legislatures. Also the Judiciary seems to be breating down the necks of the Parliaments. Also the quality of members of Parliament has declined.

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26 thoughts on “8. Decline of Legislatures

  1. 10 In what respects is there a decline in the legislatures? Is there a decline in standards, in manners, in standards of behaviour? We should ask for instance whether legislatures have declined in powers in efficiency, in public esteem or in public interest in relation to their position formerly or is there a decline in relation to other political and social institutions. Comment

  2. 25. It is said that during the Golden Age of the Earlier Parliaments , age, wisdom and oratory and gentlemanly behaviour and public concern all seemed to flourish and flourish together. Adult Franchise and Party loyalties have eroded everything. Comment.

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