2 thoughts on “145. Discussion Questions in NPA

  1. 1. the chief advoctes of NPM are:
    ->Frank Marini ,”Toward New public administration” :Minnowbrook perspective
    ->Dwigth waldo,”Public administration in a time of turbulance”
    two conferences was associated with NPA,they are:
    -> The Philadelphia conference, 1967, its main concern was to give importance to public interests and to provide training to the civil servants. this conference was attended by participants above 35 years of age,mainly in their 50’s or 60’s.
    ->The Minnowbrook conference,1968, elaborated the concept laid down by The Philadelphia Conference.This conference concentrated on the younger generation and hence was known as youth conference.this conference gave rise to the new idea of NPM

  2. 5. ” Minnowbrook 1 represented a change.it demanded a change”
    the main views on minnowbrook 1 are:
    -> emphasis on normative concerns in public administration
    ->rejection of value neutrality
    -> need for public administrators to act as agents of change
    as reported by Prof Avasti and Maheshwari, the Minnowbrook conference is credited to be the first to provide a coherent grammar of NPM.it was this conference which gave a new definition and meaning to public administration,which concentrated on public interests and reformist intentions.

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