134. Expected questions PA 1

Keeping in mind the compulsions of regional demands, environmental constraints and eradication of poverty, comment briefly on the structural reforms introduced so far and the the need for further reforms.


You should present only the framework and it should consist only of ten points. And each point only in ten words. The comments of those exceeding  the parameters laid down will be ignored.



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  1. Structural reforms are LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization)
    – Tariff, subsidies and other restriction (goods and services) between countries are removed due to liberalization.
    – Franchising, leasing, contracting and divesture are the ways where privatization achieved.
    – Domestic economy was integrated with the world economy which is because of globalization.
    – Due to privatization public sector is become more Modernise and diversified.
    – Decision making quality of the managers is improved.
    – Without government financial backing, capital market and international market will force public sector to be efficient.
    – Free flow of technology and spread of knowledge throughout the world.
    – Labour productivity is increased.
    – Helps to develop the export spheres and export culture and increase in inflow of capital.
    – These reforms are more useful for the developed economies than the developing economies.

  2. 1. Reforms introduced predominantly in the organised sector – unorgainsed sector virtually untouched upon

    2. Reforms in agriculture dismally low

    3. Not all states have benefitted from LPG model-The RED CORRIDOR states remain as they were if not worse

    4. Reforms required in infrastructure, medicine, primary education, aviation sector, renewable energy sector

    5. increase spending on R&D in agriculture, health and defence sector

    6. divestment of PSUs except miniratnas, navaratnas and maharatnas

    7. reforms in SMEs

    8. reforms required in manufacturing sector catering to the high volume market and not the luxury market

    9. present reforms have given rise to new East Indian Companies like Reliance, BIAL, SKS microfinance, etc.

    10. CECA/CEPA should be promoted instead of FDI.

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