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Mr. B,A, Nagesh M.A.,

Karnataka has a rich cultural heritage. Kannada literature has produced many  Jnanapith awardees. Regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Tulu and Konkani have produced  many scholars and these regional languages have enriched Karnataka culture.

The earliest work on Kannada is Kaviraja marga. Pampa.s  Vikramarjuna Vijaya is based on the Mahabharata. This is the earliest epic.

The 12th century saw the emergence of Veerasaivism. This period saw the end of the dominance of Sanskrit in Kannada literature.

Dvaita philosophy was propounded by Purandhara dasa through keertanas which enriched Kannada literature..

The Vijayangar empire  produced scholars in Kannada,Telugu and Sanskrit. Krishnadevarraya himself was

A great scholar and the Ashtadiggajas  adorned his court.

The Wodeyars of Mysore encouraged literary pursuits. Chikkadevaraja and Nalmadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar were great cholars.

English literature influenced  Kannada writers the foremost of them being B.M.Srikantaiah. The period saw the translation of many English works into Kannada.

Dasa sahitya was characterized by prominent writers of the Dalit community who wrote about the travails of their community.

The feminist movement saw the emergence of several prominent women who questioned the male supremacy in Kannada literature.




1.Who is the Kalidasa of Karnataka?

2.What is folk literature?

3.How did Veerasaivism influence Kannada literature?

4.Name a few Veerasaiva poets and writers.

6/Who is the father of Karnatic music?

7.Name important writers of the Wodeyar dynasty and their works.

8.What is the Navodaya movement?

9.Name prominent women writers.

10.Name prominent writers of the Dalit samudaya.

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  2. 1. Harihara
    2.During the 12th century, the poets start to create vachana and keerthana in the common folk language of people. It became easily accesible and understandable by the common people. This form of kannada literature is known as Folk literature.
    3. Veerashivism developed as a revolt against the existing social order of Hindu society. Some of the followers of this faith wrote literature called Vachana Sahitya (“Vachana literature”) or Sharana Sahitya (“literature of the devotees”) consisting of a unique and native form of poetry in vachana and free verse.
    4. Basavanna, Akka mahadevi, Allama prabhu, Devara dasimayya, Channabasava, Siddarama and many more.
    6. Purandara dasaru
    7. Jayadeva’s Geetha Govinda in Sanskrit which was written in saptapadi metre.
    Sarvajna’s Vachanas, penned in the tripadi metre.
    8. Navodaya movement which was called by B.M.Srikantaiah is a new era of writing original works in modern Kannada while moving away from archaic Kannada forms.

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