Premier IAS coaching

It is an assurance that the student passes with flying colors! Hundreds have qualified for the civil services and most of the 1st Rankers at the KPSC are from my institute. This Institution became formally established in 1984 and has been functioning successfully since then. Between 1965 and 1995 almost all the First Rank students of the KPSC were guided by me. All my Children have got into the Central and State Services as Class I Officers.

Contact us on Whatsapp/Telegram on 9980566340 or 9980232823

Do you have some questions for which you need answers because you either find them difficult or do not have time to prepare?

Are you one of those who are either have no time to attend coaching institutes or are unwilling or unable to pay their fees?

Are you one of those who need their answers to be evaluated?

We have a plan for you. We charge fifty rupees for sending you the answer to any particular question. You could send three questions and we charge only a hundred rupees.

And you can get 8 questions answered for Rs 200. And in case you need lecture add Rs 25 per lecture.

At present we deal with History, Political Science, Public Administration, Anthropology and Sociology , both at the IAS and KPSC Level . We plan contacting professors for other subjects also. We assure you that answers will be of top quality. We even suggest web sites on the topic.

Please whatsapp/telegram the questions for which you seek answers. Payment will be through bank transfer.