IAS Prelims 2014 Test 4

1. As an aspirant for the Civil Services, you are expected to promote the sovereign good. What exactly is this good? Is it the good of ‘We , the People’ or is it the good of our political masters, who represent `We the people’ ? Mr. Gadkari once warned the IT officials not to be at the beck and call of the party in power. This party will not always be in power, so be careful, he said. The Indian Revenue Service officers protested. Mr. Gadkari withdrew his comment. Is it the good of the State as against the good of humanity? If it is the good of the State, how do you deal with war criminals? I would like you to commence a discussion on this topic.

2. There are managerial issues that constantly face the administrator. What should he do when confronted by moral issues?

3 .Originally, the ethics framework identifies general core values that should be common to all member states. These values are the rule of law (“lawfulness”), impartiality/ objectivity, transparency (“openness”), accountability, professionalism (“expertise”), and duty of care, reliability (“confidence, trust”) and courtesy (“service principle”). If it is believed that these are the core values, then they should be fully recognized in every country. How far are they recognized in India?

2 thoughts on “IAS Prelims 2014 Test 4

  1. It is very bad of the state because be it government/non government officials should work for the country. they should do their job and should not please their bosses.

  2. Sovereign good is the greatest good for a state or its people.It is the good of ‘we, the people’ because it applies to all the law abiding citizens of our country and not an individual who is selfish and is an important person in the country. What Mr Gadkari said to the IT officials is against the good of the country because the IT officials are only doing their job.

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