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The State election commission  came into existence on 26.5.93. The SEC is set up due to the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments which gave constitutional status to local self governing bodies.

The State election commission conducts elections to rural local bodies like the gram panchayat, taluk panchaYat and Zilla panchayat and urban local bodies like  town municipalities, city municipal councils and City corporations.

The SEC ensures free and fair elections to local bodies. It has the power of superintendence, direction and control of elections. It is given the power to prepare electoral rolls.

The independence of the SEC is ensured in that he can be removed only in the manner of a High court judge. The SEC is appointed by the Governor.

The SEC can conduct enquiry and pass orders on merits on complaints , He has power to declare a seat as vacant if the member is continuously absent for more than 3 meetings continuously.

The SEC is dependent on the State Govt. for funds and this severely hampers its functioning. Like in the Parliamentary/assembly elections there is a need for curbing election expenditure and introducing massive reforms so that the conduct of elections becomes meaningful.


1.Who is the present State election commissioner?

2.Who is the Chief electoral officer and what are his functions?

3.Has the SEC power to recognize political parties?

4.What are EVMs and what are their advantaes?

5.To what is the expenditure of the SEC charged?

6.Who are appointed election observers?

7.How can bogus voting be eliminated?

8.What is the power of the State Govt.relating to electoral issues?

9.What is the term of the SEC?


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