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1.Regional development

The concept of regional imbalance became evident after the reorganization of the State in 1956 and merger of areas from Hyderabad-Karnataka and Bombay Karnataka These areas were backward and less developed compared to the areas in Old Mysore . Due to this regional imbalance there is a cry for separate statehood for North Karnataka.

The Govt  set up the Nanjundappa committee report to study the issue of regional imbalances. The Commission addressed the level of development in 175 taluks by studying parameters like agriculture, economic infrastructure and connectivity to the capital. The Committee identified 114 taluks as backward and most backward.

The Special development plan (SDP) based on the committee’s report had certain objectives like addressing growth in these areas by pumping more investment, building infrastructure and institutional organisations to reduce grievances. The SDP focused on irrigation, rural development and rural services. Assistance  for agriculture is through programmes of Karnataka Neeravari Nigam and KBJNL by constructing /rejuvenating tanks and barrages. Connectivity to tourist places like Badami and Sirsi; construction of minor airports at Bidar, Gulbarga and Raichur. Cluster approach in 39 most backward taluks for strengthening school infrastructure and rural housing,

The Backward region grant fund(BRGF) seeks to address regional imbalance by focusing on the backward districts of Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur and Davanagere.

The Govt. of India has a similar scheme for the development of backward regions in the country.


1.Which areas comprised Hyderabad-Karnataka and Bombay Karnataka?

2.Which are the most backward taluks listed by the Nanjundappa report?

3.What is the role of NABARD in promoting regional development?

4.Name the important educational institutions/universities set up as a result of the Nanjundappa report.

5.What is Rashtriya Sam vikas yojana?

6.Which is the nodal agency to implement this scheme?

7.What is the period of the Backward Region grant fund?

8.In which districts of the State is the Rashtriya sam vikas yojana implemented?

9.What is the cluster approach in education?

10. What steps are taken to improve transport services?


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