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Karnataka introduced a three-tier system of lPanchayat Raj with a three tier structure. This is in consonance with Art. 40 of the constitution which states that the Govt. will set up village panchayats and endow wthem with sufficient power to make them function as effective units of self govt/ The three tier system of Panchayat raj  comprises the gram panchayat, taluk panchayat and the Zilla panchayat. The Panchayat system is governed by the Panchayat raj act of 1993.

A gram panchayat is constituted for a group of villages. The Deputy commissioner of the district is empowered to constitute gram panchayats for groups of villages and fix or alter its boundaries. The  Gram panchayat is headed by the PDO who is assisted by the Village panchayat secretary. The gram panchayat is entrusted with functions relating to water supply, rural sanitation,licences for buildings and trades. The gram sabha is an assembly of the  village which meets twice a year and considers the schemes taken up/ to be taken for various developmental activitie, besides identifying the beneficiaries for various schemes. There is reservation for the posts of Adhyaksha and Upadyaksha of the Gram panchayat.

The Taluk panchayat is at the Taluk level comprising the MP/MLA/MLCof the area with a Adyaksha and Upadyaksha. The Taluk panchayat samiti monitors the functioning of the Gram panchayats and seeks a half-yearly report on the functioning of Gram panchayats with regard to conduct of gram sabhas. Maintains water supply, enrolment in schools, and functions through various committees. The Executive officer heads the taluk panchayat and works under the Adyaksha and Upadyaksha.

The Zilla panchayat is at the district level headed by an IAS  officer known as the  Chief executive officer. The ZP functions through various committees like the Standing committee; Finance committee, Social Justice committee, Education, health and Agriculture and Industries committee. The CEO is assisted by the Chief accounts officer, Planning officer, Deputy secretaries and supporting staff. The CEO works uner the Adyaksha and Upadyaksha.

All developmental activities in the district are carried out by the ZP which controls 33 departments relating from agriculture and soil conservation to maintenance of roads, bridges, maintenance of hostels for the depressed classes and  all anti-poverty programmes of the Govt. of India.


1.Which are the important committes associated  with Panchayat raj?

2.What is panchayat jamabandi?

3.How do you define corrupt practice in elections?

4.What is the name of the scheme that provides for irrigation facilities to the SC/ST families?

5.Who pioneered  rural drinking water schemes in Karnataka?

6.Name the institute set up by the Govt. to train functionaries/elected  representatives in rural development?

7.Name the important committee s of the Zilla panchayat and their functions.

8Who decides the election disputes relating to Gram panchayat, taluk panchayat and zilla panchayat?

9.Who audits the accounts of the Zilla panchayat?

10. What is the amendment that has given constitutional satatus to Panchayat raj institutions?


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