Land Acquisition by B.A.Nagesh M.A. K.A.S. Retd


The subject of Land acquisition is in the Concurrent list with power given to both the Central and State Govts  The Land acquisition act 1894 is the premier act on land acquisition The main purpose of land acquisition is to create physical and social infrastructure

Acquisition leads to displacement of land/livelihood and results in traumatic consequences for those affected . The Dept. of Land resources has formulated a policy for project affected families-PAFS-by catering to their special needs and ensuring better standards of living

The National policy seeks to ensure only minimum displacement; with social impact assessment for those displaced; tribal development plan  for SC/ST families. It makes consultation with Gram sabha and public hearings compulsory. It ensures rehabilitation before displacement and land for land as compensation.

There should be a Commissioner for Relief and Rehabilitation with Project administrators for each project. There must be a Ombudsman for grievances under this scheme.

The Dept. of Land resources is accelerating the pace of development of wastelands and degraded lands. It has launched a scheme of capacity building for better land management with responsibility given to the CEO of the Zilla panchayat and the Superintendent of Police for protection of Govt. land in their jurisdiction.


  1. Which is the nodal agency for the administration of the Land acquisition act?
  2. Which agency impliments the Urban land ceiling act?
  3. What does the Urban land ceiling and regulation act of 1999 stipulate?
  4. What are the functions of the Dept. of land resources?
  5. Which are the agencies at the State/Union territory involved in land acquisition?
  6. What is physical infrastructure?
  7. What is social infrastructure?
  8. What are the problems faced in land acquisition?




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