Premier IAS coaching

The Institution was formally established in 1984 and has been functioning successfully since then. Hundreds have qualified for the civil services. Between 1965 and 1995 almost all the First Rank students of the KPSC were guided the Professor himself.
All his children have got into the Central and State Services as Class I Officers.

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Probity in Governance 7th August 13

  Discuss the importance of Probity in Governance. This is the first installment. More will follow. 1.Probity in governance is an essential and vital requirement for an efficient and effective system of governance and for socio-economic development.  An important requisite for ensuring probity in governance is absence of corruption. How does control of corruption ensure probity? […]

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Programme of work for the week ending 16th June 2013

We have been studying: failure of Development Administration, failure to tackle issues relating to poverty and allied topics. Students have made presentations on a variety of topics: Arjun Raghunandan on Poverty in India, Anil Kumar on State Market Debate and Gender Justice, Gaurav Gupta on Failure of Development Administration, Pratiksha on Gandhian Environmentalism etc., They […]

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Programme of work for Sunday 2nd June 2013

2. Do you think that contemporary Administrative Theory supports the ‘art’ of public administration and generally, tends to place less emphasis on the ‘science’ of public ­administration ? 1988 Wilson advocated a Science of Administration. Briefly explain why. Also explain how we cannot be strictly scientific where human affairs are concerned. Subsidies go against sound […]

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Results of the Great Revolt GS Blog 2 2013 Mains

  The Great Revolt marks a turning point in the History of Modern India. Apart from brutalities on both sides and bitterness resulting therefrom, it had far reaching consequences for Modern India. Critically examine this statement with particular emphasis on 1. Increasing aggressiveness of the Socio- Religious movements 2. Change in the strategy of the […]

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Compulsory Voting GS Blog 1 2013 Batch Mains

Should voting be made compulsory? There was  an excellent article by Mr. Krishna Kumar recently in the Economic times. I want you to rad the article and blog your comments. The article: Poke Me: Does high voter turn out better politicians? No.   […]

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Public Administration Blog 2 2013 Batch

Two great systems of public administration had developed in the West : the Anglo-American, and the French. The first, as Leonard White has pointed out, has been based on a deep seated preference for self-government in local communities, wide citizen participation, dispersion of authority, well-established responsibility of the administrative system to the legislative body, and […]

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