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The Institution was formally established in 1984 and has been functioning successfully since then. Hundreds have qualified for the civil services. Between 1965 and 1995 almost all the First Rank students of the KPSC were guided the Professor himself.
All his children have got into the Central and State Services as Class I Officers.

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Probity in Administration : Discussion common to 2013 and 2014 batches Test 4

Probity in Governance is an essential part of the New Scheme of the Syllabus for the Civil Service Examination. This blog aims at promoting a lively discussion among the students of our Institute. Please engage in a fruitful debate. This comes in General Studies paper V. ( Probity in Governance: Concept of public service; Philosophical […]

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IAS Prelims 2014 Test 4

1. As an aspirant for the Civil Services, you are expected to promote the sovereign good. What exactly is this good? Is it the good of ‘We , the People’ or is it the good of our political masters, who represent `We the people’ ? Mr. Gadkari once warned the IT officials not to be […]

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Socialist Ideas of the Preamble Test 3 2014

SOCIALIST IDEAS OF THE PREAMBLE What is Socialism? Socialism stands for common ownership and collective control of the means of production, distribution and exchange. There is no private enterprise. No private property. The state manages the means of production – land, industry etc. Because it was very successful in the Soviet Union Planning has become […]

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Preamble Test Topic 1 2014 Batch

  POLITICAL IDEAS OF THE PREAMBLE  The   Preamble  summarises  the  aims  and  objects  of   our Constitution. It runs as follows : “We  the  people  of  India,  having  solemnly resolved   to constitute India into a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic and to secure to all its citizens (the words secular  and socialist were inserted by the […]

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