Programme of work for Sunday 2nd June 2013

2. Do you think that contemporary Administrative Theory supports the ‘art’ of public administration and generally, tends to place less emphasis on the ‘science’ of public ¬≠administration ? 1988

Wilson advocated a Science of Administration. Briefly explain why. Also explain how we cannot be strictly scientific where human affairs are concerned. Subsidies go against sound economy but can we allow people to die of hunger?  The answer requires a criticism of the Wilsonian theory and an analysis of development administration. Need for a rethinking on the part of administrators. Also proper Human relations demands that Administrators should not act merely according to rules but should also keep relevant circumstances in mind; which does not mean that they should flout or ignore rules. As they say, Justice should be tempered by mercy.

Note the qualifying words in the question: Do you think. We shall discuss how to answer such questions. Points to go into the answer will be discussed in the class. On the First of June 2013.

2. “Public Administration today stands at the crossroads of public choice theory, pluralism, corporatism and elitism.”


Explain how Currently Public Administration is influenced by the Public Choice Theory, Pluralism, Corporativism and Elitism. However in the Third World Development Administration has a predominant influence. Western concepts are not wholly acceptable to us and we need to adapt administration to the needs of changing times. But in India at any rate we cannot afford to ignore the Pluralistic conceptions of liberty, transparency, accountability etc., Points to go into the answer will be discussed in the class. On the First of June 2013. You will also be taught how to answer Discussion type questions.



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  1. 1. Wilson stressed the need for scientific study of administration. After the transformation from laissez-faire to modern well fare state, corruption and inefficiency grew in public administration. He strongly supported the need for honesty and efficiency in public administration. Hence he advocated public administration to be more scientific, follow the business like approach without the intention of profit making and laid emphasis on experimentation, observation and collection of data. Wilson admired European form of governance due its administrative efficiency which was scientific.

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