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  1. The post colonial world experienced bureaucracy ( Government Servants) led development.

What does this sentence mean? Why was it so? What did it require?

  1. What were the misgivings of this bureaucracy led Development? Why were there such misgivings? By the way how does the common man perceive bureaucracy ?
  2. What are the accustomed tasks of bureaucracy? Are they sufficient to promote development? What is more urgent: Development of Bureaucracy or Bureaucracy led development? Which is likely to be more successful ?
  3. What are the requirements of bureaucracy to achieve modernisation ? Is it capable of achieving it? If not why not? If it can, how far can it go?
  4. It is said that bureaucracy is heavily urban oriented. How and why do we need to change it?
  5. Bureaucracy is structure oriented. How? What are those structures? Can they be ignored?
  6. Inspite of all criticism Weber still rules the field. How? What shall we do about it?
  7. Why did Weber regard Bureaucracy as inevitable to the State. Do you agree that bureaucracy should it be more bureaucratic or less bureaucratic. What is the likely future of bureaucracy?

9  Whether it is production through machines or without machines Bureaucracy enters in. Answer with reference to Taylor and Weber.

  1. Weberian Bureaucracy is efficient but kills the soul. Comment
  2. How can a bureaucrat escape red tape?
  3. The Defence forces have AFSPA but the Bureaucracy does not. Why? What are the constraints on Bureaucracy. Answer must be technical.

13  . What is Social Audit? Explain with reference to a concrete case.

  1. Bureaucracy is accountable, impersonal and accountable. What mechanisms exist to ensure these.
  2. To make the bureaucracy efficient lateral entry is proposed. What are the likely problems? As a source of identifying talent can we have a few of these lateral entrants to sit on the UPSC. Boards?
  3. The Weberian model can at best survive in a stable environment. We need an organic model for unstable environments. Comment
  4. The Weberian model cannot function in rural environments. Comment
  5. Alvin Gouldner speaks of tension between superiors and subordinates in the Weberian system. In trying to resolve them, organisational goals are displaced. Comment
  6. Development requires management of change for which the Weberian model is not suited. Comment
  7. Development bureaucracy needs a different social base, different from the Public School base. Is the introduction of the Ethics paper an attempt to achieve this.

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