Results of the Great Revolt GS Blog 2 2013 Mains


The Great Revolt marks a turning point in the History of Modern India. Apart from brutalities on both sides and bitterness resulting therefrom, it had far reaching consequences for Modern India. Critically examine this statement with particular emphasis on
1. Increasing aggressiveness of the Socio- Religious movements
2. Change in the strategy of the struggle against Imperialism
3. Change in the attitude of the British towards the Indian Princes: co-opting them in governance
4. A subterranean fear of the Indian official class and increasing role of the British Civil Servants
5 . Slow down in the process of social reform
6. Development of industry and co-opting the Indian Capitalist class
7. Increasing role of Newspapers, intellectuals, regional organizations, and in general the seeds of a new mode of struggle began to germinate.
8. Indians , particularly the Hindus , began to take advantage of the new Universities
9. For a while hostility between the British and the Muslims increased.
10. The British Parliament was gradually forced to take interest in India.
11. Hostility towards educated Indians
12. Fear of competition from cheap Indian labour and hence Factory Acts
13. Decline of agriculture and increase in famines
14. Time ripe for the emergence of modern nationalism
15. Seeds of fundamentalism sown
16. Greater reliance of Divide et impera.
17. Memory of the Great Revolt became India’s Pillar of Fire.
18. Rediscovery of India’s past

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