Systemic approach to the study of Social Sciences 4

Proceedings of the Two day  UGC sponsored National  Seminar on Teaching Social Sciences. Challenges and  Opportunities in the New Millennium held at St.Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore 29th and 30th November 2012

Keynote Address – Dr. Shobha  Raghuram

Independent Researcher in Development Studies and Philosophy

Debates on higher education to be addressed in fora other than academic ones.

  • Privatization of education and its consequences.
  • Creation of structural and social change from within the classroom.
  • Classroom  to bring together conversation, field narratives, political dialogue, interrogations.
  • Ensuring the democratic functioning of Universities.

UGC  Sponsored National Seminar

Mapping the Issues

Chair: Dr. Vanmala Vishwanatha (Azim Premji University)

Dr. Cheriyan Alexander (St. Joseph’s College)

Dr. Arul Mani (St. Joseph’s College)

Mr. Anuplal (St. Joseph’s College)

Mr. Gerard Rassendren (Christ University)

Ms. Sindhuja Iyengar (Christ University)

Prof. Kalpan Haridas (Mount Carmel College)

Mapping The Issues

  • Movement from content recall to skill based learning.
  • Deployment of new media in classroom teaching.
  • Learning as play.
  • Failure of courage in autonomy?
  • Why did you take Arts?
  • Multilingual classrooms as a challenge.
  • Nurturing interests of students with disciplinary associations.
  • Battling Scientism in the Social Sciences.

Sciences- ‘Inferiority’ attributed to a lack of scientific method

  • The problem of constructing students as clients/customers.
  • Association of Social Sciences with a contextualized history of ideas.
  • ‘Remediation’ as a part of classroom process.
  • Inclusive educative environments.
  • Employability to be integrated as an end to learning?
  • “Will you be giving notes?”
  • Negotiating amounts of change – University Vs College.



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