Systemic Approach to the study of Social Sciences – 3

A Two-Day UGC-Sponsored Seminar on Teaching Social Sciences: Challenges & Opportunities In the New Millennium.

On being invited to participate in the UGC sponsored Seminar on the 29th and 30th November at St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore and to deliver the Valedictory Address,  Prof. B.R.A.Rao of  the Institute considers it a pleasure to invite the delegates and their students to participate through this blog site through discussions on the following topics. Learned Professors participating in the Seminar may help in addition to their inputs, in moderating this discussion.

Plato remarked that every city is divided into two cities. How far is this true today?

Does Dharavi help or challenge Mumbai?

Discuss against this background the sociology of apartments and slums.

Does RTE help? And how far is RTI relevant to this question?

How can the Academic Community help tackle such questions?

I hope this site will throw up more such issues for discussion with your active cooperation.



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