Systemic Approach to the study of Social Sciences 6

Proceedings of the Two day  UGC sponsored National  Seminar on Teaching Social Sciences. Challenges and  Opportunities in the New Millennium held at St.Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore 29th and 30th November 2012

Essential Readings 

UGC  Sponsored  National Seminar
Chair:  Dr. Vimala Rao
Dr. R.Rajaram  (SJCC, English Dept.)
Dr. Benson Issac (Azim Premji University)
Prof. M.J. Vinod (Bangalore University)
Prof. Elizabeth V.S (NLSIU)
Dr. Mahesh (Christ University)

  • Shortness of pieces while chalking out reading lists for young readers.
  • Inclusions and Exclusions, clustering based on themes, controversies within the clusters.
  • Looking at Essential Readings through ‘What constitutes texts?’
  • Text as being more than printed material acknowledging what goes “missing” from classrooms.
  • Constructing capabilities of students and myth busting.
  • Classics Vs. Instant Classics, Nested concepts- “Being Political” through readings.
  • Spill-overs from essential readings into secondary ones.
  • Readings as Toolkits to unlock complexities and tracking change within students and disciplines.
  • Influences-personal ones to influence from students.


  1. Consciousness of the rationale behind choice.
  2. Acknowledging diversity.
  3. Providing a background/context.
  4. Challenging status-quo.
  5. Presentation of surveys conducted.
  6. Comparing aided, unaided and government colleges in Bangalore.

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