17. Workshop Instructions for Guides only

Instructions will be posted from time to time. Concerned guides may kindly take the necessary action.

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  1. I had sent questions and answers on NM. And I told you to take porint out for one copy only. If you have the printout with you, you can ask the students to take xerox copies. The Xerox centre is adjoining the IOB branch. As you exit the Institute, go to the left towards the Bull Temple. You will find the xerox centre between an Ayurvedic shop and a Subway joint.

    1. Sir,
      Aneesh just messaged me asking me to collect the cd on culture from Mr. Vinay. I will collect it from him tomorrow.
      I have completed the topics on Indian philosophy and Indian medicine. Will complete the rest tomorrow.
      Thank you

  2. Please tell the students to tell others. Let us introduce the IIT culture till they fall dead. How are the blogs on India’s strategic environment and Higher judiciary? All the three of you should also blog and spend an hour in each batch discussing one blog site.

  3. Dear Sir, I have begun the discussion on Strategic Environment. It is an excellent article-covers a large number of facets of our Foreign Policy. I am encouraging them to start reading up on India’s Foreign Policy, develop their opinions/analysis and write comments on the blog. Today we began with Part One.

    Some of the students were not confident to comment..nervousness etc. I hope they overcome that soon.

    Some of them are totally unfamiliar with the basics of Foreign Policy. I have asked them to start reading up on this.

  4. Dear Sri. Aneesh, Sri. Aravind and Sri. Aditya,

    This is a very personal note to the three of you who have so kindly consented to help me in running the Institute. I am deeply grateful to you.

    1. Surely sir. I in turn would like to reciprocate my gratitude towards you for having shown us a path, a light at the end of the tunnel at a crucial juncture when I was clueless about what to do. Thank You very much.

    2. The gratitude is all mine sir. I thank you for giving me this opportunity which I’ve grabbed with both hands as these classes give me a chance to teach as well as learn. The last few days I’ve gone back home with a sense of satisfaction of helping my fellow students as well as having learnt something new myself. I hope to give my best. Thanking you again.

    3. Thank you very much Sir. Thank you for not only giving us an opportunity to learn from you and work with you, but am also grateful for the trust that you have reposed in us.

      We will try to do our best,..and keep innovating!

  5. You are now engaged in pursuing a second career, namely effective communication through teaching. This knowledge and experience will remain with you all your life. I started a second career, coaching for the Civil Services, way back in 1965. I had just completed 12 years of service. You have begun much earlier and congratulations for the same.

  6. But the Main goal is to get into the Civil Services. I shall first concentrate on it. Three topics may be taken up : impact of agricultural practices on environment, impact of industrial practices on environment and impact of trade and commerce on environment. You may beak up the topics in to sub-units. I suggest that each one of you takes up one topic and share your work. Later on you could share this work with all batches. Please finish this work in three days.

  7. I would like you to take up one topic a day for the Mains: Public Admn or Political Science and write the core points – just one page- on it. Please give me the file on Saturday. Try to cover five topics per week.

  8. I have been reading `The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs’ and I shall now share a few of his ideas with you.

    Set the Ganga on fire! Develop a sense of deep commitment to the batch you are handling. Go on repeating in twitter style what you are teaching. Ask them what they have learnt. Have they committed the core points in writing?

  9. Let them realize that we propose to introduce an IIT culture in the Institute. There will be surprise quizzes; no advance notice. There will be vivas again at no notice. Try to grip their attention. And always with a smile.

  10. Prove that Max Weber is wrong. Weber said that `charisma is a certain quality of individual personality by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary people and treated as endowed with supernatural, super-human or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities” Weber believed that only some individuals have these exceptional qualities. PROVE THAT HE IS WRONG. ALL CAN HAVE THIS QUALITY.AND IT IS UPTO YOU TO DEVELOP THiS QUALITY AND TO INSTIL IT IN YOUR BATCH. MAKE THEM EMERGE AFTER THE SESSION AS SOMETHING SUPER.

  11. Devote an hour to one unit in blogging. Explain to them what each question involves and tell them to provide their response in Twitter Style. The world does not wait. It flies. There is no time for the good old: once upon a time type of writing. Soon Bangalore will be METROED. Travelled by the Metro and you will understand what I mean. Ask your students to travel by the Metro to understand what I mean. They live in Bangalore and let them be BANGALORED!

    1. Yes sir. They have. Students are right now working on National Movement and later during the day, we are planning to take up topics on Environment and get the students to blog more.

  12. Sir, the Road to Freedom disk does not have some details like Regulating Act 1773, Pitts India Act, . Some students have said that they have not received the GS-National Movement disk from you.

  13. All right Sir. I have been working on Impact of Trade on Environment, in the morning, prepared some notes. Will be continuing NM in the afternoon.

    Aravind is doing Culture and Aditya, mental ability right now.

  14. Sir,
    As part of the work allotted to me, I handled culture in the morning and right now Aneesh is guiding them on National Movement while Aditya handled Mental Ability in the morning and right now is preparing for his topic on impact of industries on environment. I am right now working on the update of the topics on Indian Economy.

  15. Sir, We finished the national movement just now. The completion of one level. Afternoon we shall do mental ability, culture, environment topics, and also blog.

    Slowly the momentum is building up.

  16. Sir, students are divided into 2 groups: they are working on culture and mental ability. Turn out is good.

    I’m preparing for science topics, in the meanwhile.

  17. Dear Sir,

    Only 2 students have come so far. We will begin as soon as a few more come.

    We will continue with the Biology questions.

  18. Sir,

    Arvind, Aditya and I are compiling notes and questions from the work done from Monday to today. We shall compile all the material from across the batches and share it with all the students attending.

    I will also try to send a copy to employed people by tomorrow, so that they can have a glance at it when they come on Sunday, and not feel missed out.

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