Writing tips for Mains

Very rarely do students show evidence of reading books. Un less you quote at least three or four books you will not score marks.We have a good library and a calm place to study at the Institute. Ask for a catalogue of books. Borrow and study from them. Please consult a few books either hard copies most of which are available in the Institute library, or pdf files downloaded or scanned for my personal use. The answers must conform to the following:

  • Must be handwritten and must be shown to me
  • Must be in the form of points
  • Source must be in brackets( like James Feller, Fry, LD White etc.,)
  • Sometimes when you paste the question in the browser it takes you to Google books and shows you the relevant passages mostly from out of print books), read the relevant part and make brief notes.
  • Evidence of having read at least three books

Get the answers corrected.

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